The Authors do not consider themselves to be effective on-camera personalities.  Hibbing area Angels! Here’s your chance to prove them right!

On Wednesday, November 21st, at 2:30 pm, Allan and Aaron will be appearing, live, on People with Patty, Hibbing Mediacom Channel 2, to discuss all things FOTA.

(Taped  broadcasts to be aired at various, later times, assuming they are not destroyed for the greater good of humanity.)

So, want some pre-thanksgiving entertainment?  Leave the turkey thawing on the front porch and play along at home!

Count the number of times:

  • One of the Authors says, “Uh…” in response to a perfectly legitimate question by the host.
  • They interrupt each other to give basically the same answer.
  • They use the words, “Genre, process, or target audience.”

Bonus Points! Observe their clothing choices, make fun of their matching hair styles, and  watch the old guy sweat!

But be nice to Patty.  She’s super, and we appreciate this opportunity!

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