“It’s a great universe. It feels lived-in, and it feels natural. . . . Characters’ choices have weight. There are definitely serious consequences. . . . It’s a thoughtful book. It’s an exciting book. There’s a lot of space battles, dog fighting, and stuff like that . . . but then there’s also the hard sci-fi that reminded me of old Asimov and Heinlein books. It’s just an enjoyable, and surprising, read.”

– Ben Avery, Strangers and Aliens podcast. Listen to the full interview.


“This novel is very well written, it’s well paced, and these guys have a lot of talent…The second half is better than the first and that’s impressive to me.  Not only do they not run out of gas, but they seem to build on everything they’ve done before…If you’re someone like me, who’s wary, doesn’t like Christian fiction, doesn’t like first novels…this novel bucks those trends, big time.

– Ben DeBono, The Sci-Fi Christian.  Watch the full video review.


Flight of the Angels is an engrossing, action-packed science fiction novel with a cast of intriguing and believable characters. . . . Set in a world where Christianity is outlawed and believers have fled to safe havens throughout the far reaches of space, the Reinis give us a tale where dark forces hunt down the faithful, where brave pilots struggle to protect a colony while remaining true to their Christian principles, and where God’s Providence is displayed through it all.”

– Tony Breeden, Author of Johnny Came Home. Read the full review.


“This book was recommended by a friend, and while I am admittedly not a huge fan of the sci fi genre, I was more than pleasantly surprised. The amount of suspense, action, and drama were a perfect fit. . . . And for something a little deeper, they add questions of eternal meaning. This book was not easy to put down, and I recommend it to both the sci fi and non-sci fi fan.”

– Robert Farnsworth, Amazon review


“Corporate espionage, Hyper space dog fights, moral conflicts between good and evil, all wrapped up in my Kindle. I can’t resist. It has caused me to forego my favorite shows so I can spend just a few more moments in the world that is Flight of the Angels.”

– Aaron Broberg, Amazon review


“I had a difficult time putting down this action packed science fiction thriller. I was disappointed when it ended and am looking forward to a sequel. There were plenty of breath-holding moments, when the reader is left wondering what will happen next. The characters were not one dimensional and I could relate to their struggles. The spiritual element added to the story, but never gave an ‘easy’ solution to the problems faced.”

– Kathleen Jones Isaacson, Amazon review


Flight of the Angels is a fun read. The authors truly are world builders as they create a detailed and believable universe completely their own.”

– Brian O’Neill, Amazon review