Aphea – Site of the first extraterrestrial Christian colony

Bacchus – The most affluent planet in the Coalition, though not as politically powerful as Earth

Bellona – Located near the frontier border, site of a JenKore manufacturing station and testing facility

Cacarus – A dry, volatile mining planet, nearly uninhabitable  

Ceres – An agricultural planet known for its exotic fruits

Earth – The most important planet in the Coalition, the center of political, military, and financial power

Hermes – One of the original six colonies, known for its indigenous gazelles

Pella – Home of the “Angels” and thousands of Christian fugitives, a natural dampening field keeps it hidden from long-range scans

Purborus – An uninhabitable planet decimated by asteroid collisions

Riksen – A frontier planet rich in resources

Travarus – A planet referenced in myths and legends

Virgilia – A lush resort planet

Vorina – A small, temperate planet famous for its wine exports



Bainbridge Island – An island near Rainier Naval Air Station

Bistro Riservata – A traditional Italian restaurant in East Compton

The Black Swan – An upscale restaurant in Compton’s financial district

Cobb Academy – A prep school on Earth, nickname: the “Crusaders”

Compton – Earth’s most significant city, the center of commerce in the Coalition

East Compton – A seedy, crime-ridden district of Compton

JenKore Manufacturing Station (JMS)-33 – An orbital manufacturing station located over Bellona

Little Thooft – The nearest town to JenKore’s planet-side testing facility on Bellona

Old Seattle – A large city near Rainier Naval Air Station

Olympic Coalition Park – A natural reserve located near Rainier Naval Air Station

Port Henri – An old spaceport on Bellona

Rainier Naval Air Station – A Coalition base near Old Seattle, home to 22 space and atmosphere squadrons

Unity Tower – The tallest building in the Coalition, located in the heart of Compton’s financial district


Governments / Organizations

Aurora Company – A major Coalition manufacturer of military and civilian spacecraft

Frontier Systems Alliance (FSA) – An organization of outlying star systems hostile to the Coalition

Hagg-Sauer – A small arms manufacturer

JenKore – A defense contractor, manufacturer, and software developer—the Coalition’s largest corporation

Klobb – A manufacturer of low-cost weapons with a history of unreliability in the field

Prackard Gunn Engineering – A defense contractor that switched loyalties to the FSA during the Frontier War

United Coalition Navy (UCN) – The military branch charged with defending Coalition space

United Coalition of Star Systems (UCSS) – A republic of over 250 inhabited star systems—the only recognized government that spans multiple systems


Science / Technology

Access Code Generator (ACG) – A device carried by all JenKore executives, granting access into secure systems

Airbike – A compact, open-cockpit, single-seat transport

Argenian elephants – The largest indigenous land mammal on Argen, a Coalition Protected Species

Commuter shuttle – An automated city transport

Crebonite – A metal alloy most often utilized as a finishing additive in spacecraft construction

Dream Weaver – A device that “programs” dreams based on pre-arranged user inputs

Duranium – A strong metal commonly used as the skeleton for large spacecraft

Ether – Extra-dimensional space enabling faster-than-light travel between star systems

Hagg-Sauer BP-105 pistol – The standard side arm of Coalition military forces

Hagg-Sauer BR-614 rifle – A top-of-the-line assault weapon

Handpod – A communication, information, and identification device carried by most Coalition citizens

Harvester – A large, bi-pedal mining machine manufactured by JenKore

Hermesian gazelle – The fastest land animal on Hermes, a Coalition Protected Species

Holosight – A specialized rifle sight that can peer through obstructions

Household Controlling Unit (HCU) – An automated system that controls all household functions

Klobb SMG – An inaccurate assault weapon prone to malfunctions

Laser cutter – A tool capable of cutting though the hardest materials known to man

M-2 – JenKore’s signature product—the human-sized, bi-pedal machine serves hundreds of different functions

Micropulse pad – A device worn around the chest, masking the wearer from passive bioscans

Nubu-Jistsu – A hand-to-hand fighting style—a combination of Sudaneze Nubu Fighting and Jujutsu

Omni-suit – A durable suit designed for virtually any environment, including outer space

Pack Mule – A lumbering machine commonly used in spaceports to transport cargo

Perseus LX – A luxury personal shuttle

Phirmium – A lightweight, pliable mineral that, when activated, expands exponentially in size while maintaining its strength—used to construct temporary structures during colonization

Phylline – A popular liquid stimulant

Phytochems – Plant-based medicine

Worm – A hacking device



C-230 Hercules – A UCN heavy transport, two hundred person capacity

Deliverance Nine – An automated commercial cargo freighter

ForerunnerA massive civilian cruiser, crash-landed on Pella with two thousand passengers aboard (no casualties)

Golden CrowA Midas-class luxury transport given out as an executive perk at JenKore

LT-11 Raven – A UCN light transport, six person capacity

Milk Wagon – An old Charon-class, Type-H commercial freighter, no longer in service

Trident Personnel Carrier – A troop transport with a fifty person capacity

UCS Ganymede A UCN carrier, flagship of Carrier Group Five, currently patrolling the frontier border



GF-44 Marauder “Slug” – A heavily armed attack fighter, manufactured by JenKore

GN-55 Gunship “Rhino” – A heavy attack ship, maximum crew of six (pilot, weapon’s officer, four turret operators), manufactured by JenKore

P-61 Razor “Cutter” – A balanced strike fighter, the primary UCN fighter during the Frontier War, manufactured by Prackard Gunn

P-83 Lightning “Bolter” – A light, speedy fighter designed for hit-and-run missions, the primary FSA fighter during the Frontier War, manufactured by Prackard Gunn

S/A-81 Hornet “Bug” – A multi-role fighter designed for space and atmosphere superiority, the most advanced fighter currently employed by the UCN, manufactured by Aurora Company

SF-29 Scorpion “Stinger” – A fast, lightly armed interceptor, a favorite of planetary defense forces, manufactured by Aurora Company

SF-33 Adder “Slider” – A space-superiority fighter, manufactured by Aurora Company, no longer in service

T-68 Talon “Stork” – A training craft, manufactured by Aurora Company, soon to be out of service


Hornet Terminology

AI-530s – Rear twin engines that provide main propulsion, capable of thrust vectoring to increase performance during maneuvers

Advanced Intercept Missile (AIM) “Slammer” – A sensor-guided projectile—the most commonly-used ordnance deployed by Coalition fighters

Battle map – A three-dimensional display that shows all contacts in a specified sector

Bioscanner “Thumper” – A sensor used to detect life

Dorsal thrusters – Topside thrusters used for sharp maneuvering

Forward thrusters – The thrusters used to perform pitch-back maneuvers, may also be used as brakes

Ghillie generator – A device that transmits a false sensor signal, enabling a fighter to be “disguised” as another type of ship

Heads Up Display (HUD) – Projects flight and mission data into a pilot’s visor

Heavy Ion Bomb (HIB) “Hog” – A rocket-propelled bomb—the heaviest, most destructive ordnance a Hornet is capable of carrying

Jammer pod – A self-propulsive pod that disables all sensors within its area of influence

Lateral thrusters – The thrusters that control movement on the vertical axis

Micro-jammers – Countermeasures that disable sensors in a small, localized area

Multi-function display – A customizable cockpit display

Power Draining Missile (PDM) “Leech” – A missile that attaches to a target and drains power from a localized area

Pipper – A graphic that assists in aiming weapons

V-cannons – Dual, battery-powered cannons that discharge high-powered energy bolts

Ventral thrusters – “Belly” thrusters used for sharp maneuvers—also the primary thrusters used during takeoffs and landings


Pilot Brevity Codes

Abort – Cease current action

Archer – Incoming missile

Bandit – Enemy contact

Bingo – Low on fuel

Bogey – Unknown contact

Bracket – Two groups sandwich the opposition

Break (left/right) – Defensive maneuver with a hard turn

Bugout – Leave an engagement

Bullseye – Point of reference

Ceiling – The highest permissible altitude during a flight

Cleared hot – Use of ordnance is authorized

Cold – Specified weapon is not authorized

Continue – Proceed as directed

Continue dry – Use of ordnance is not authorized

Cool – Contact does not have life aboard

Deck – The lowest permissible altitude during a flight

Drop – Exit the ether

Fox one – Slammer release

Fox two – Leech release

Guns – V-cannons

Hog – Heavy Ion Bomb (HIB)

Hog’s away – HIB release

Hot – Specified weapon is authorized

In place – Perform maneuver in unison

In the groove – Autopilot is holding a true course prior to entering the ether

Jink – Defensive maneuver that maintains course

Juice – Fuel

Jump – Enter the ether

Leech – Power Draining Missile (PDM)

Lights – Sensors

Lights on – Sensors are active

Lights out – Sensors are off (or disabled)

No joy – Can’t see enemy contact

Pitchback – Reverse course by pulling nose up

Press – Continue engaging enemy

Saddle – Take someone’s wing

Shackle – Rejoin wingman following a crossing maneuver

Slammer – Advanced Intercept Missile (AIM)

Sour – Equipment is malfunctioning

Status – Inquiry about tactical situation

Sweet – Equipment is working properly

Tally – Enemy spotted

Thumper – Bioscanner

Trailer – Last fighter in a group

Trashed – Missile has been defeated

Warm – Contact has life aboard

What state – Inquiry about how much ordnance/fuel remains

Winchester – Out of specified ordnance