Kirrone Jenkins’s grandfather founded JenKore, but it was Kirrone’s father who grew it into a rapidly expanding, inter-system corporation.  Kirrone’s father, of course, hoped that one day he would run the company, and from an early age, Kirrone showed much promise—he was intelligent, good-looking, and had a natural charisma.  However, business did not interest Kirrone in the slightest.  Rather, he coasted aimlessly through his late teens.  By his mid-twenties, having grown bored of the playboy lifestyle, Kirrone left the extravagant comforts of home and traveled the stars.  It was during these travels that he met a young man roughly his age by the name of Graves.  The two took an instant liking to each other and became best friends and inseparable travel companions.

During their travels, Kirrone began to notice that there was something different about Graves—as though his friend possessed a strong inner power.  Kirrone eventually asked him about what made him so unique.  Graves responded by telling Kirrone that he had been lied to all of his life.  The general public assumed that the supernatural was the stuff of ancient myths, that the new enlightenment had proven it away once and for all—but the wisdom of the day was wrong.  There was a spiritual realm—a source of great power.  The problem was that traditional religion had polluted the realm—the Christian Church was not interested in unlocking the deep mysteries of the universe but instead was only interested in maintaining its power structure.   The Christians, with their ancient customs and mindless dogma, were no more interested in the spiritual realm than the scientists—and through their violent lust for power, they had soured the public to true spirituality.

Graves promised to help Jenkins access the true spiritual realm.  Jenkins enthusiastically agreed.  They spent a year together in intense study.  It was during this time that Jenkins learned Graves’s true name, Baal Sheol.  Jenkins also was discovering his purpose.  The Christians, he came to realize, were responsible for the cycles of violence throughout human history.  It was they who had perverted the truth about the spiritual realm.  In order for mankind to be set right, in order for there to finally be peace in the Coaltion and beyond, the Christians needed to be wiped from existence.

It was during his studies that Jenkins learned of his father’s death.  He returned to Earth to bury his father.  After a brief, yet intense power struggle, Jenkins took over operations of JenKore.  If his father had made it into an ultra-successful company, Jenkins turned it into one of the most powerful corporations in human history.  Jenkins’s father had made his money developing more efficient mining practices (and his shrewd negotiating of JenKore’s percentage of discovered resources).  Kirrone, however, focused his energies on formerly minor divisions of the JenKore empire—greatly expanding the software and machine divisions.  He also took an interest in military contracts, buying out and merging several smaller contractors into the JenKore fold.  It was under Kirrone’s watch that the M-2 was developed, which  became JenKore’s most famous and successful product.

While much of Kirrone’s playboy tendencies were stripped away during his travels with Graves, he remains a believer in the power of appearances.  He wakes up at 4:00 a.m. every morning to exercise for an hour.  He then mediates before breakfast.  As he eats, he scans a dozen publications that have been abridged to his exacting requirements.  With his lean physique, tightly trimmed silver hair, and winning smile, Kirrone is considered to be rather handsome—though he never married.  If he isn’t the most famous person in the Coalition, he is by far the most famous businessman.  He is beloved by the public, ostensibly because of his philanthropy, but really because he’s simply so likable—media personalities fawn over him during interviews while viewers eat up his charm.

His employees, though, know full well that there is another side to Kirrone—a side that demands perfection in everything, a side that burns with energy.  That same energy that makes him so charismatic can also turn him, in an instant, into a monster.  It’s not as simple as employees not wanting to disappoint him; they genuinely fear him.