Discussion questions are now available!

Here are some questions about the discussion questions (answers below):

1. Should I use these in my book club?

2. I don’t have a book club. Should I start one and make Flight of the Angels our first book?

3. Where can I download a PDF version of the questions?

4. Are these questions ALA certified?

5. Does the Fonz really endorse Flight of the Angels?

*   *   *

(1. Yes  2. Yes  3.  Here  4. No  5. Absolutely he does)



  1. Thanks for posting some discussion questions. It is always nice to know where the author is intending to take his readers! I enjoyed your book.

  2. You’re welcome, Mary! And thank you for reading.

    You’ll have to let us know how your discussion goes (or how it went). We’d be curious to hear about any themes or questions that were raised that weren’t covered on our list.

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