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“Hey guys, I want to reread FOTA before Hornet’s Nest comes out, (in October) but seriously, who has the time for that? Is there any way I can have Ben DeBono from The Sci-Fi Christian Podcast just come over to my house and read it to me? Or better yet, sit in the back seat of my car on the way to work and recite it into my ear?”

Uh…no. But we do have the next best thing!

Flight of the Angels, the Audio Book, is now available on Audible and Amazon!

There are a number of ways you can access this epic reading by Ben:


You can buy it direct from Audible for $24.95. (Seriously? Don’t do that…but if you wanted to, we would do a happy dance.)

You can start a 30-day free trial at Audible and download FOTA for FREE! (Better)

Or, if you are already an Audible member, you can simply choose FOTA as one of your selections.


Just like Audible, you can purchase it directly from Amazon for $24.95. (See above for why this is not necessarily a good idea. What are we, financial counselors?)

But, if you already own the Kindle version, Amazon’s Whispersync allows you to download the Audio Book for just $7.47. (Much better, if you are hesitant about the Audible Free Trial.)

We are told that an iTunes version will also be available soon.

And finally, if you are an influential member of the vast and powerful Christian Sci-Fi media, (Like Ben and Matt) and would like to review the audio book, please contact us, and we can arrange to send you a special media-only promo code.

So, any way you choose: Free, Moderately-priced, or Lining some corporate pockets, FOTA on Audio is now Live!

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