Kindle Countdown DealsThat’s right, Angels. The JenKore-designed Amazon interface wouldn’t allow us to drop the price on Monday, but good news! Tuesday, Dec. 3-Monday, Dec. 9th, we are easing your Christmas shopping burden by dropping the price of FOTA on Kindle to $0.99. That’s less than a McDouble, and it lasts longer!

Also, if you want that “I not only killed a tree, but have a nice looking book right here in my hands” feeling, don’t forget: When you order a paperback copy of FOTA from Amazon . (On sale for $12.56), you can always get an additional Kindle copy for $0.99.

So forget those overcrowded virtual malls on Monday. Sit back, have a hot chocolate, watch an old episode of Breaking Bad, and then, on Tuesday, finish your Christmas shopping with a Kindle (or Paperback) copy of FOTA for everyone on your list!

Easy link to Amazon CLICK HERE. (Wow. It’s almost like we’re trying to do all the work for you.)

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