Flight of the Angels sized

“Blood Ace,” A Flight of the Angels short story, has been available since 2014 as part of The Crossover Alliance Anthology Vol. 1. (Thank you, David Alderman and team!) You can read more about that release here.

But with the upcoming release of Hornet’s Nest, we wanted to also make it available on Kindle as a stand alone part of the FOTA Universe.

“Blood Ace” follows a younger, brasher Dex D’Felco as he pushes to become the UCN’s first modern ace, despite the advice and warnings from his friend, Hagen Lebrian.

So, if you’ve never read this part of Dex and Hagen’s history, the best way to do it is to grab the Crossover Alliance Anthology Vol 1. the Kindle version is usually $0.99 and sometimes free on Amazon.

Or, if you like your Kindle library to be arranged nice and neat with FOTA-only titles occupying the top slots, you can grab “Blood Ace” alone here. (It is also priced at $0.99–the lowest Kindle will allow, and we will also make it free whenever the Amazon promo calendar lets us.)

Just be sure to save room on that top row for Hornet’s Nest.

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